The Album Art Project

Category: Photography & Art

Role: Concept and Design

Earlier this summer, I came up with an idea for a personal art assignment. It was to create album art for my playlists on Spotify. I've always admired album art and the idea of packing the emotions behind the album into a single art piece. The goal was to create a 60-minute playlist every month, with artwork customised for it. These include mixed media art using pictures from Unsplash or some from my own collection. 

A playlist to send you down the tunnel of deep thought and wonder. Also, a great listen for when you're wired in.

Voices of the street. The synergy between beat and rhyme. Stories of life in the ghetto by the best rappers in the game.

The meanest drops this world has ever seen. You'll want to pull out your earphones with some good low-end for this one.

Music from the Harlem Renaissance or blues influenced by the period. This always remains my favorite period in history for music. 

A playlist of songs I collected on my trip through Spiti Valley. It's music with pure soul & beauty for when you're in the Himalayas.

Bare - Vol. I

Keeping the first one basic. This playlist is... well, me. An eclectic listener who needs music that feels good all day.