Slash: A case study aimed at building the chat experience of the future

This project constructs an overview of what the ideal messaging app of the next-gen should behave like.

The process behind Slash  

A new way to stay connected

/Ontario, /NYT and /JasonP. There’s a slash for everything and everyone. Stay connected all day round with what you love the most. 


Slash is great for groups and communities

Connecting large groups of people is what Slash does best. Talk to groups you like instantly, ranging from entire cities to interest-based communities. Sure, the Cat GIF group too.



Threads. When you need some space.

Having focused conversations like planning meetups or conducting polls, inside a large group can be difficult. Threads allow you to have parallel conversations within the group, without the hassle of creating new groups for it.


Slash is built for the new internet

The internet as we know it is changing and Slash doesn’t play catch up. It lets you do everything you need in your day 
without having to leave the app.



Slash helps you in all aspects of your life with super intelligent bots. They just get you and don’t require commands. You can choose to text, talk or just directly interact with these bots like any app.

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Features everyone loves

Slash packs in all the things we love about the internet, staying connected and sharing our lives into a single app. 


Broadcast all that you love and reach more people than ever before. Streams allow you to go live even inside specific groups.

Stay in touch with crystal clear audio and video calls that adjust to the best quality based on your signal strength.

GIF’s. Stickers. The whole lot.

Slash also suggests the best stickers and GIF’s to respond with. Always be at the top of your GIF game.


Say goodbye to links opening up browsers each time. Now you can stay within the app while you enjoy that new song.

Personal Assistant

Your own little assistant that remembers things about you and helps with everything from booking taxis to answering questions.

Works Everywhere

Take Slash wherever you go. Works on computers, tablets, phones, and browsers on all operating systems.


Slash is built to grow businesses faster than ever before

Engage with your crowd in minutes. Have targeted conversations with audiences that are sure to be interested in your product. Set up bots, groups & threads to speed up your sales and have more efficient interactions. Integrate third party apps to resolve consumer queries with AI and escalate them to you if necessary. 


Slash is for all kinds of businesses

You could be a YouTuber, game developer or restaurant owner. Slash is built to support all kinds of businesses, big or small. Find the crowd you’re looking for with ease.


Make it your own

Personalities are very important on Slash. We want our users to feel home when they talk to you. Make sure you tailor the experience of your bots and groups to feel like your brand.



Modular components for everyone

Building bots is truly simplified on Slash. Pick from a range of layouts and components, specially crafted for a multitude of businesses. You never have to start with a blank canvas. Just select a template you like and start uploading your products to Slash. 


Easy to build. Zero code required.

Don’t know how to code? Not a problem. Build complex bots without writing a single line of code. You also have the flexibility of fully customizing the experience of your bot from scratch with code. Never worry about cross-platform app development again. 
Slash takes care of it all for you.



Your bot learns to respond like you 

Give your bot more character by teaching it to speak like your brand. Add granular details such as tonality, multilingual support, and situational reactions. “Humor setting: 90%” — You get the drill.

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